Fans Can't Get Over The Vikings' Last-Second Win Over Saints

Earlier Sunday afternoon the Jacksonville Jaguars moved past the Pittsburgh Steelers in a neck-and-neck match up that only saw a difference 3 points in the final score 45-42 as the Jaguars moved forward to face the New England Patriots next weekend in the AFC conference championship game.

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But, we’d soon have somethin else captivating our attention when receiver Stefon Diggs propelled his Minnesota Vikings toward the NFC title game after executing a miracle play that put an end to a match most had already sewn up in favor the New Orleans Saints. It was Case Keenum who launched a pass down the sideline with 10 seconds left on the clock, ending with Diggs’ reception a 61-yard touchdown.

“I was waiting for someone to come hit me,” Diggs said in an post-game interview. “Seeing that nobody touched me, I lost footing a little bit. My hand never let me down. Rest is history.”

This incredible play marks the first “walk-f” touchdown in the fourth quarter a postseason game in the NFL

“We’re fighting and clawing and scratching just trying to get the ball down the field,” Keenum noted ater the game. “Most those guys had been running down the field two-minute mode so they were just trying to get their breath back. I wouldn’t say there’s nerves at that point. You’re doing everything you can to win the game.”

Next week the Vikings will head to Philadelphia to face f against the Eagles for the conference championship title. Until then, relive the excitement captured by fans after the Vikings amazing turnaround.

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