Fightback Lager offers fans chance to own a stake in “the beer that saves music venues”

Fightback Lager have launched a Crowdfunder to offer fans the chance to own a stake in “the beer that saves music venues”.

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Launching their campaign back in August, the brand with the tagline “this beer saves music venues” began selling its beer and cider range online in support of the MVT #saveourvenues campaign with help from the likes of Frank Turner and Iron Maiden.

Now the company, formed in 2018 by three friends over a lunchtime pint in Camden’s Hawley Arms, is offering music and beer lovers the opportunity to invest in and co-own the start-up. Visit the crowdfunder campaign here.


NME readers can exclusively get £10 off a pack of Fightback Lager – with money raised going to help save UK music venues. 
NME readers can exclusively get £10 off a pack of Fightback Lager – with money raised going to help save UK music venues.

To day, Fightback have sold over 10,000 pints and 10,000 cans of its first brew, with a donation from every drink sold going to the MVT. Now, they’re looking to raise £200,000 – with investors not only being able to own of a piece of the company, but with money also going towards supporting a “huge live music ticket promotion to encourage audiences to return to gigs, as well as grow awareness of the brand with the ambition of being stocked everywhere music lovers gather”.

Looking ahead to their growth, the company predicts that if just half of UK venues sold one keg per week, then £103,000 a year would be donated to the MVT – with presence in retail providing a greater opportunity to keep the UK’s grassroots music scene alive.

“With just £600 in our pockets, we set out to turn the strong solidarity across grassroots venues and their audiences into something that could benefit live music as a whole,” said Gary Prosser, director of Fightback. “We found that big beer brands have always struggled to get to grips with the proving grounds of live music, so their attempts at support always seem unconvincing. That’s where Fightback is different. It has the ability to make a real, long term difference.

“In the first year we proved the concept, secured national distribution, and won industry support. Now we want to offer the opportunity to every grassroots music fan in the country to be a part of it.”

Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner on stage with Mini Mansions at The Lexington, London – 2015. Credit: Andy Hughes/NME

Mark Davyd, CEO of the Music Venue Trust added: “We are grateful for Fightback’s ongoing contribution as we continue the long road to reopen every venue safely and revive live music. Over 75,000 people have donated more than £4million to the #SaveOurVenues campaign and our community has shown strength, resilience, and determination to ensure COVID doesn’t result in the permanent loss of our sector.”

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“Keeping the spirit of grassroots alive remains crucial as we enter this next stage of reopening.”

Visit here for Fightback Lager’s Crowdfunder, where supporters can invest for as little as a round of drinks and share in the beer brand’s growth.

Much uncertainty currently surrounds the return of live music and what it might involve should gigs be allowed from the set roadmap date of June 21, with 18 of the UK’s grassrootsvenues still remain at critical risk of closing forever with countless others in need of normality for shows at full capacity this summer. Visit here for information on or to donate to the #SaveOurVenues campaign.