Former Dolphins Coach Admits To Using Cocaine "8-9 Days Straight"

Chris Foerster, the former Miami Dolphins fensive line coach who was videotaped doing cocaine back in October, recently opened up about the incident which cost him his job and landed him in a rehab facility.

In a phone interview with’s Tom Pelissero, Foerster explained that he had been using cocaine for “eight or nine consecutive days” at the time the video was made.

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Foerster tells Pelissero that he was introduced to the drug in 2015 while working with the San Francisco 49ers, and that he met the woman who leaked the footage, Kijuana Nige, through a backpage ad while bored in California this past September.


“Foerster says the video preceded a trip to the airport — not a team meeting, as he said on the tape, which he barely remembers making. “I was so messed up at the time,” he says now. Even though he’d sometimes come straight into the fice at 4 a.m. from the night out, “I never ran a meeting (high), never at my job, I was never under the influence.” In Foerster’s drug-twisted logic that day, he wanted to get rid his stash, stay awake on the plane to get work done and sleep after practice the next day.”

He ultimately resigned and was in treatment by 7 o’clock that same night. Foerster successfully completed the program and was discharged on December 8th and says he hasn’t used cocaine since the video surfaced.


“Yet even now — unemployed, alone, living on a diet salami and canned tuna, in a home where he’s drug-tested twice a week and sometimes awoken at midnight to blow into a breathalyzer — Foerster says: “I’ve never felt better. I’ve never been happier. I’ve never been more clear. I’ve never been more open to whatever the possibilities are as I am right now today.””

Foerster has 36 years coaching experience in both college and the NFL and he hopes to get another chance one day. You can check out the full interview here.