Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley: “Donald Trump is the strongest leader we’ve got”

Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley has hailed President Donald Trump as “the strongest leader that we’ve got” in a new interview.

The musician was appearing on The Cassius Morris Show in support of his forthcoming new covers album, ‘Origins Vol. 2’, which features a rendition of Cream‘s 1967 track ‘Politician’.

“I don’t think politics and rock ‘n’ roll mix — in my opinion,” said Frehley when the song came up in conversation. “And I try to stay away from that as much as I can.


“I mean, once in a while, I’ll make a crack. I will say I’m a Trump supporter. All the politicians have had skeletons in the closet. But I think Trump is the strongest leader that we’ve got on the table.”

You can watch the full interview above.

According to Blabbermouth, the former Kiss member also expressed his support for Trump during an interview in 2018. “Let me say this about Trump. Whether you love him or hate him, if you’re an American and you’re a patriot, you should get behind your president,” he said at the time.

This comes after Kiss frontman Paul Stanley hit out at Donald Trump last month for suggesting his opponents may rig November’s election to secure victory.


“REGARDLESS of who you support, it is incendiary & abhorrent for ANY candidate to say ‘If I lose, the election is rigged’,” he wrote. “It’s an insult to those who have fought for the free, safe elections we have and dangerously implies that citizens who don’t share your views are the enemy.”

Back in 2016, Gene Simmons said that disgruntled Americans needed to “get over” Trump being elected and “move on”. This came after the bassist was reported to be performing at the president’s inauguration ceremony in Washington, D.C.