Four of Techno’s Biggest Names Hint at Collaboration With Grand Theft Auto

Techno and Grand Theft Auto may not seem like they go together, but here we are.

Dixon, Solomun, Tale Of Us and The Black Madonna have all posted flyers teasing… something related to Grand Theft Auto. The flyers tease a summer 2018 timetable and have a Los Santos tagline. Los Santos is the Los Angeles-inspired city in Grand Theft Auto V. Plus, the flyers prominently features the fictional city’s skyline.

How exactly will this collaboration pan out? It remains to be seen, but it could be connected to GTA‘s radio stations. Each GTA installment features radio stations highlighting all sorts of music the player can listen to while causing havoc. GTA‘s radio stations have also prominently featured electronic music. In GTA V, renown DJ Gilles Peterson curated WorldWide FM, Flying Lotus curated FlyLo FM and Soulwax curated Soulwax FM. GTA IV‘s Electro-Choc radio station also featured electro-house songs and curation from Crookers in the game’s expansion packs.

Whatever this tease turns out to be, consider us excited. Check out The Black Madonna’s tweet of the flyer below:

— THE BLACK MADONNA (@blackmadonnachi) May 25, 2018