From Pop To Electronic And Baroque, Monokino Drops Crossgenre Single Titled “No Return” With Vocals In Chinese

George van Wetering, lead singer and songwriter for the Dutch band Monokino, has just released his latest track, an atmospheric song titled “No Return.” This electronic, baroque and pop fusion is a mysterious and beautiful song that once again showcases Monokino’s strong penchant for bittersweet melodies and atmospheres. Monokino sings the lyrics in Mandarin, and even though he is not fluent in the language, he has already received many positive critics for his performance during live shows. 

George van Wetering initially wrote the song for the singer Li Lianchgen, but after the two had some creative disagreements, George decided to send the song to his long time friend Xia Nan, the singer of all-female rock band Cobra, who immediately fell in love with the song and suggested he should sing it in Chinese. 

Being stuck in Amsterdam and not being able to go back to China when the Pandemic started is what inspired Monokino to write “No Return,” and the release date was delayed due to the same situation. 

With the pandemic significantly deteriorating the relationship between China and The Netherlands, Monokino thought it would be important to release the song, and spread the message that globalism and unity between people runs deeper than politics. 

Have a listen to Monokino’s latest single, and dive into the unique fusion of eastern and western sounds he has concocted for us!

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