Fyre Festival Founder Forced To Pay $26 Million Dollars in Damages After Pleading Guilty

The guy behind Fyre Festival has in connection with the disastrous event and is being forced to forfeit $26 million dollars… That’s on top what could be an 8 to 10 year sentence. Ouch.

What was made out to be a luxury getaway festival in the Bahamian island Exuma ended up being a complete and utter disaster. Ticket holders who dropped anywhere between $1,200 – $100,000 on the experience arrived to a barren island with inadequate food, water, and shelter. Forget about any sort music or promised accommodations.

While weather conditions were out anyone’s control, Billy McFarland and his team were entirely responsible for the way everything else was handled. The 26-year-old business owner fessed up about lying to investors and sending false documents about Fyre Festival.

“I deeply regret my actions, and I apologizd to my investors, team, family and supporters who I let down,” McFarland said in court.

Artists including Migos, Blink-182, and Disclosure were set to headline the festival that never happened.

Although things went terribly sour for Fyre Festival, at least those who were scammed can rest assured something is now being done about the fiasco.

McFarland is scheduled to be sentenced on June 21.