G Herbo's New Documentary "City Of Sorrow" Places Spotlight On Chicago

G Herbo quietly dropped one the year’s more under-the-radar releases, Humble Beast, which featured strong lyricism and vivid street narratives centered around his hometown Chicago. In fact, it’s evident that location played a pivotal role in shaping the man Herbo became; he clearly feels a strong connection to Chi-Town, despite the strenuous and sometimes violent conditions. In fact, many Chicago-based artists have a similar relationship with the city, and as a result, it has become one hip-hop’s most definitive and important hubs. Now, G Herbo has given his fans a chance to better understand his upbringing, through a detailed documentary called City Of Sorrow.

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The documentary, which arrives courtesy Mass Appeal, follows Herbo as he returns to Chicago to visit his old middle school, Hyde Park Academy. There, the rapper delivers an inspiring speech, telling the kids “that no matter what you do in life, the main three things to remember is to keep faith in yourself, stay focused and keep working hard.” It’s cool to see Herbo taking on the role a mentor, cementing the fact that he’s already wise beyond his years. “Ain’t nothing easy. Everything in life is hard, there will be ups and downs, you’re gonna lose, you’re gonna fail. But you only fail if you give up.”

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If you’re a fan, you should definitely catch City Of Sorrow before revisiting Humble Beast. Shout out to G Herbo for this one.