Gareth Emery Put On Blast for "Stealing" Graphics & Then Buying A Lambo

An artist by the name Pieke Roels for Photo and Grime is making some pretty harsh claims on social media against superstar DJ Gareth Emery.

So the story goes, the artist was originally given a job by Emery’s team after he allegedly “stole images” from her. Then, after putting time, money and work into a music video project she was “ghosted.”

In a series tweets below, the artist goes in on Emery and his team, in great detail. In one her most recent tweets, Roels she reveals he finally reached out to her.

Finally replied. He said he’d try fix things. Yesterday he fered me, my models and make-up artist, 1500 for all the damage. While I made costs over 1400 already. Did hours work.

It seems the artist has made somewhat a hobby calling people out social media platforms, as her bio reads:

Do what’s right, not from 9-5, but 24/7. Dutch, autistic, photographer, humanist. I write about art, mental health, social issues & scumbag(gittoe)s.

Hopefully everything gets sorted out…

Artist Accuses Gareth Emery Ghosting Her