GOT7’s Mark Tuan says he’s “still working” on solo music

Mark Tuan of K-pop boyband GOT7 has revealed that he is “still working” on new music, following his first-ever solo release earlier this year.

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In February, Tuan teamed up with Bangladeshi-American musician Sanjoy on the song ‘One In A Million’. The song seems to be the first of many solo releases from the Taiwanese-American singer, according to a new interview he had with South China Morning Post.

“I think everything sounds pretty solid. I enjoy listening to my songs, but I know it’s not 100 per cent perfect yet,” the singer told the outlet, saying that he now spends four or five days a week in the studio. “Still working on it.”


The singer also said that with his solo music, the “biggest goal” for him at the moment is to “find [his] sound”, having previously named Justin Bieber as an inspiration in a recent Billboard interview. “I’m not given a song now. I have to go out and make the song with people,” he added.

Tuan also noted that hopes to open up about his life more in his upcoming music, noting that he was “pretty quite” as part of GOT7. “It’s going to be about my journey, my career, everything. I think it’ll be super cool that fans can see a more personal side of me,” he said.

Later in the interview, Tuan also talked about his return to America. Although returning to his family was a major comfort for the singer, he also shared concerns about the rising anti-Asian racism in the country. “I’m really scared for my parents. Having them go on their daily walks and stuff like that… it’s really scary,” he said. “I hear stories about my friends, they have people that they know that have almost got attacked.”

Tuan hopes to use his platform to raise awareness on racism and other similar social issues. The singer recently donated US$30,000 (roughly £21,500) to Stop AAPI Hate. “Having people hear [about my donations] and making people more aware of stuff like this, I think it will at least contribute and help,” he said.

Earlier this month, fellow GOT7 member Jackson Wang reassured fans that the group “will continue” despite its departure from JYP Entertainment. “Nothing has changed,” he told Harper’s Bazaar Korea.