Gwyneth Paltrow roasted for viral court quote by actor Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps has mocked Gwyneth Paltrow following testimony during her ski accident court case.

Paltrow, who is accused of crashing into Terry Sanderson on a ski slope in 2016, testified in court in Park City, Utah last week (March 24) over the alleged incident. When asked about the “losses” she suffered from the crash, Paltrow replied: “Well, we lost half a day of skiing.”

Philipps, best known for roles in Freaks And Geeks and Dawson’s Creek, joined many online in poking fun at the quote.


In an Instagram post with actor Jen Tullock, Philipps captioned the photo: “Well, we lost a half day of skiing.”

In response, a commenter wrote: “You win the caption game.”

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Sanderson is suing Paltrow for $300,000 (£246,150), claiming that her “reckless” behaviour caused the crash and left him with severe injuries; including four broken ribs and a permanent brain injury.

During her testimony last week (March 24), Paltrow denied she engaged in “risky behaviour” on the slopes, claiming Sanderson crashed slowly into her.

Paltrow in a Utah courtroom 2023
Paltrow is countersuing Sanderson. CREDIT: Getty

“I was skiing and two skis came between my skis, forcing my legs apart and then there was a body pressing against me and there was a very strange grunting noise,” Paltrow said. “My brain was trying to make sense of what was happening. I thought, ‘Is this a practical joke? Is someone doing something perverted? This is really, really strange.’”

Paltrow is seeking $1 (£0.82) in damages, in addition to legal fees, in a countersuit. The trial continues this week (March 27) when the actor’s defence will begin its case, with her children, Moses and Apple, expected to give evidence.