Happy Valentine's Day: 14 Low-Key R&B Tracks You Need Right Now

We probably don’t have to tell you that music matters. It’s a task to find another element with so much an intangible influence over emotions and environs all at once, and whenever the occasion presents itself, properly exerting control over such a force should not be taken lightly.

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Saint Valentine’s Day is ficially among us, and while you were scurrying to put together the ultimate ambiance, you may have caught yourself slipping on the ever-essential tunes. While the go-to compilation Chris Brown and Trey Songz slow jams might just do the trick, we’d like to fer our hand in helping you craft the perfect change pace this year.

The following fourteen tracks are a handful carefully selected tracks from some R&B’s most promising up-and-comers. A thoroughly refreshing take on the genre is the underlying theme here and extends a clear path towards the ultimate playlist for Valentine’s Day and beyond. While far from definitive, this list should be regarded as something more a guide, as each track chosen will likely introduce you to an artist you may or may not have heard before, presenting you with a catalog that will definitely leave you and that special someone coming back for more.

You’re welcome.