Hip-Hop Disruptors NO GOOD ENT Show-Off Their Skills In New Album & Music Video

NO GOOD ENT just recently dropped their second full-length mixtape that consists of some of their best work so far and the album is called Mean Music. A rich collection full of original tunes, NO GOOD ENT knocked it right out of the park by bringing back their humorous style and showcase their legitimacy within the music industry. 

Alongside the mixtape, the duo also released an entertaining music video for their beloved single “Bob Saget,” which extends their art to another level. Both artists sing along the music impressively, and the overall production looks very well done with mesmerizing shots. 

Since NO GOOD ENT started releasing their music in 2020, the pair have been recognized for their original content and fun style of hip-hop. With already thousands of listeners per month, NO GOOD ENT is set to become the internet’s favorite rap duo. 

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