Hip-Hop Veteran TEF XL Shares A New Banger “Say Less”

TEF XL shares a new single called “Say Less”, another major drop that fuses the best of hip-hop with the artist’s own life experiences, making the entire piece personal and at the same time relatable. “Say Less” mimics a life advice off the rapper’s lips, an autobiographical lesson for all to learn: “Learned what is and isn’t true / Took my time and mold my mind / Speak on sh*t most couldn’t rhyme” and so on. 

With a confident presence and a powerful voice, TEF is sweeping up the scene through well-crafted and well-executed compositions like “Deuces”, “RNR”, and the latest “Say Less”. These singles are included in TEF’s upcoming album CODE SWITCH, a release you should be on the lookout for. The artist has reached hundreds of thousands of streams and plays and continues to demonstrate his passion for music. 

Check out TEF’s music video for “Say Less” down below, and make sure to follow the artist!

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