Hot Mondy Grabs Attention With “Desert Moonlight”

After “Pale Ember,” the Canadian team of 5 packs a new punch with their sultry sound on new track “Desert Moonlight.”

The song carries a somewhat country feel that is perfectly assembled with their unique talents. Serving up deeply emotive sounds before now, their notable musicality favors organic sounds that are packed with detail. 

Matt Rhind, Travis Flint, Troy Arseneault, Mat Budreski, and Matt Brannon, have come together once more to create an all-encompassing country-inspired fusion of tunes.  The shredded beat is further detailed with haunting string pads and guitar, as it introduces a soulful vocal that adds to the alluring and mysterious breakdown. Its minimal percussion, sparse beats, and dynamic snares make the song all the more relatable.

Their elastic rhythms and emotive chords lead to a jumpy ride with a slick vocal drop and emotional pads that make a lasting impact. Hot Monday remains on a journey of traversing soundscapes through a series of genres.

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