Icebeatchillz & Beenie Man Make A Great Contribution To The Music Industry With Their Joint Project “Area”

“Area,” the fresh symbol of cohesion and a sweet idealism is the latest offering by multi-genre music producer and artist Icebeatchillz who connected to his project the Dancehall legend Beenie Man. However, it didn’t take him any effort since immediately after hearing the beat, Beenie Man found himself in the studio freestyling to the song, which in the end turned out to be this sun-filled, uplifting piece of music titled “Area.
It may safely be said that if happiness can be achieved by dancing, this is the very track to spin. Whatever Icebeatchillz is doing, the results are fantastic: rich and enchanting, packed with gorgeous melodies and arrangements of Afro-dancehall and reggae elements that feel so alive while the song is constantly writing into unexpected new shapes.

With shimmering beauty in the song, “Area” is a rare gift to the music world in 2020. Inviting you to dance along, this jam is so deeply rooted in Jamaican music which is always imbued with passion and sincerity.