iKON’s Jinhwan tease group’s comeback, plans to release solo album

iKON vocalist Jinhwan has revealed future plans for the group’s comeback, as well as his own plans to release a solo album.

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Jinhwan spoke to Marie Claire Korea in a recent interview regarding the boy group’s plans after concluding their recent stint on the popular Mnet reality TV programme Kingdom: Legendary War.

While iKON is currently on a “break” after their Kingdom participation, the singer revealed that the group are “preparing to release their next album”. He went on to say that he “[wants] to make good music that meets fans’ expectations”.


However, he added, “I feel impatient because I don’t want them to wait too long.” Jinhwan also said that he is working hard to produce “even more awesome” music.

The iKON member also expressed his desire to drop a solo project one day, “once it can be defined what it means to be ‘iKON-like’”. Jinhwan also stated his anticipation to create new material, and shared that a balance between singing and dancing is something he aims to pursue in his performances.

iKON are a six-piece boy group under YG Entertainment. They made their debut in 2015 after being formed through two separate survival reality programmes – WIN: Who Is Next and Mix & Match – which determined their members. They went on to release their the two-part ‘Welcome Back’ album that same year.

iKON’s last group release was their third mini-album, ‘I Decide’, which dropped in February 2020.

Other popular K-pop groups who were also contestants on Kingdom: Legendary War alongside iKON included THE BOYZ, BtoB, Stray Kids, ATEEZ and SF9.