Instagram Introduces Wellbeing Team To Address Mental Health Concerns

Instagram is a platform where individuals portray their personal lives in a positive manner. However, this fabricated view reality has been known to lead to depression, anxiety, bullying, and other mental health concerns that can negatively affect how a user perceives themselves. 

As a response, Instagram is establishing a Wellbeing Team in order to combat the crippling self-doubt and other self-deprecating behaviour associated with using the app. 

Eva Chen, the head Instagram’s fashion partnerships, recently addressed this widespread concern when answering a question about parent company Facebook’s impact on mental health. “The team’s] entire focus is focusing on the wellbeing the community. Making the community a safer place, a place where people feel good, is a huge priority for Instagram. I would say one the top priorities.”

The company has been rolling out new features that contribute to a more positive space when using Instagram. This includes content moderation tools that hide inappropriate comments, giving users the ability to make personalized filters that abolish any commentary they may be fended by. Instagram has also established teams that examine reports sent in by individuals who believe a user may need mental health support, giving the individual access to groups who can fer aid in a time need.

The company hasn’t revealed exactly how the Wellbeing Team will operate just yet. Stay tuned for more details relating to this upcoming new feature.