Instagram's New Algorithm Will Ensure Newer Posts Show First

Instagram has revealed that they are testing an updated version their highly contested news feed that will allow newer posts to appear first on someone’s feed. The popular social media app had changed from a chronological feed to one driven primarily by algorithms that showed posts “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content,” much to many users’ dismay. 

The company has revealed that “your feed will feel more fresh” by showing posts in a more sequential order. Instagram tends to balance this new addition with its algorithmic tendencies in order to ensure that a user won’t miss posts they care about, such as a close friend posting images from a different time zone. 

Additionally, Instagram is currently trialling a “New Posts” button will also ensure that a user will be given the chance to refresh their feed at their own accord. This will replace the app’s current function, which automatically updates a person’s feed whilst browsing and could send them back to the top without any prior warning. 

While many would be content with a return to a chronological listing, Instagram clearly is content on users becoming accustomed to the company’s preferred method navigating and experiencing the app.