Jacob Latimore Is All Grown Up: Watch As He Gets Candid About ‘The Chi’, The #MeToo Movement & More

is no longer the young kid star that we use to know — he’s 21 now and his career is effortlessly crescendoing to the next live.

His character “Emmett” on The Chi is so convincing that sometimes folks forget that it’s just a character.

The singer/actor stopped by the Breakfast Club on Tuesday and got candid about everything from the #MeToo movement, texting  to having famous relatives in the music industry (that most us had no idea about!). On his Collateral Beauty co-star Will Smith, Latimore dished, “Will is just a complete human being. He just drops so many gems. It’s just dope to be able to text him, hit him up. I told him ‘Man you changing social media with your IG posts].”

If you’re one few people that don’t watch “The Chi,” get with the program —literally. Catch the created series on SHOWTIME. In the interview, Jacob’s mom even chimes in about the time her son experienced his first heartbreak. Hit the flip to check it out.