Janelle Monáe calls out misogyny in rap music: “we need to abolish that shit too”

Janelle Monáe has called for an end to misogyny in rap music in a series of tweets.

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Yesterday evening (July 3), Monáe said the amount of misogyny in rap music was “infuriating,” adding that “we need to abolish that shit too.”

Monáe said: “I really only ever wanna hear women rapping. The amount of misogyny from most of men in rap and music is infuriating. We need to abolish that shit too.


“Women (black women [in] particular) have been betrayed by the majority of men for far too long. The systems that enable Patriarchy and abusers of power are burning. Either bring gasoline or burn with them.”

She later added: “Y’all can’t wait to call women every bitch, hoe, discuss violent acts against women, etc for clout in rap, rock, and through out music history. Misogny has NEVER been okay yet it has become normalized. Women didn’t create misogny, y’all did. SO YOU DO THE WORK to ABOLISH IT.”

You can see the series of tweets below:


Recently, Monáe spoke out about how “triggering” it was to film her upcoming horror film Antebellum to Jennifer Aniston, Zendaya, Rose Byrne, Helena Bonham Carter and Reese Witherspoon during the Hollywood Reporter Drama Actress Roundtable.

In the film, the actress and singer portrays an author who is transported back in time to a reality in which she is an enslaved person.

Monáe said: “Oh, I brought all of my ancestors home with me. We were filming most of the stuff at night on a plantation, and I felt everything. There were just certain conversations even at craft services that if I heard would be triggering for me. I couldn’t even talk to my family sometimes. It was kind of unhealthy when I think back.”

Earlier this week, Monáe joined Beyoncé and Solange in calling for the US senate to end voter suppression.

Tina Knowles-Lawson – Beyoncé and Solange’s mother – penned an open letter in support of ‘The HEROES Act.’ The Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act is described in the letter as “step in the right direction toward a more inclusive democracy.”

Other people to sign the letter include Halle Berry, Jada Pinkett Smith, Whoopi Goldberg, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. The families of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Sandra Bland have also shown their support.