With the Coronavirus making its way throughout the United States, in unprecedented numbers, every single sports league in the country has been shut down. The NBA is one of the biggest leagues to be affected by the shut down as they were nearing the end of their regular season. There have been reports about what the league intends to do if and when they come back although the latest news is concerning. Brian Windhorst of ESPN reported that the league is angling themselves to cancel the season.

Jared Dudley of the Los Angeles Lakers was one of the first players to speak out on Windhorst’s report. In the tweet below, Dudley notes that there is too much money at stake and that the NBA won’t be making a real decision on this until after June 1st. Essentially, Dudley seems to be skeptical that the league would make any sort of impulsive decision.

Later today, all of the major sports league commissioners, including Adam Silver, will be hopping on a phone call with United States President Donald Trump where they will discuss the bility of starting some of the leagues back up again.

This meeting can go either two ways. Sports fans come away with hope, or we are left heartbroken. Hopefully, for all of us, it’s the former.