JAY B announces first details of his sophomore mini-album as Def., ‘abandoned love.’

JAY B has announced the first details of his forthcoming sophomore mini-album under the pseudonym Def., titled ‘abandoned love.’.

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The GOT7 member and soloist took to his Twitter page on October 5 to announce his next project as Def., revealed to be titled ‘abandoned love.’. JAY B has released and produced music under the pseudonyms Def. and Defsoul, which he first adopted as a stage name prior to his career as an idol.

According to JAY B’s announcement, physical copies of ‘abandoned love.’ will be sold in limited quantities through a pre-sale, which will conclude on October 13. Due out in full on October 17, ‘abandoned love.’ is set to include six new tracks – ‘my wrong’, ‘comedown’, ‘my abandoned love’, ‘not easy’, ‘맞아 (right)’ and ‘you say’.


The forthcoming release of ‘abandoned love.’ will mark JAY B’s sophomore mini-album as Def. thus far, after he released his debut record ‘Love.’ earlier this year in January. That record featured six tracks and featured title track ‘Sunset With You’.

South Korean rapper Leon was featured on opener ‘Again’ and Korean-Canadian musician Junny on ‘Like A Fool’. JAY B, referred to as Def., was credited as a writer and producer on every song on ‘Love.’

The announcement of ‘abandoned love.”s impending release comes off the back of ‘Be Yourself’, the second mini-album released as part of his main music pursuits as JAY B. That EP featured lead single ‘go UP’ and five other B-sides, one of which is the Sik-K-assisted ‘Break It Down’.

JAY B debuted as a soloist last year with ‘SOMO:FUME’. In a three-star review of last August’s ‘SOMO:FUME’, NME’s Sofiana Ramli wrote: “After being relieved from JYP Entertainment’s shackles to pursue creative freedom, you would expect the singer to use the opportunity of having a plethora of new producers and collaborators at his feet to experiment greatly, but the end result is neutral and safe.”