Jay-Z Lets The Kids Speak In His Latest "Footnotes" Video

Jay-Z’s approach to 4:44 was way different than anything he’s ever put it. Along with dropping the album and providing visuals to accompany each song on the album, he’s also been releasing videos as part the album’s “Footnotes” series. Many the footnotes have provided more details to the songs and the videos f  4:44 as well as expanding on some the themes and concept on the project. It almost serves as a short documentary series for the project. He’s already dropped f “Footnotes” for “The Story Of O.J.,” “Kill Jay-Z,” and “4:44” as well as “MaNyfaCedGod” and “Adnis.” 

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Jay-Z dropped f “Footnotes: Kids” earlier today through TIDAL. The video features various interviews with young people all over America. While each “Footnotes” clip focuses on specific themes and songs on the project, this one feels a bit more loose in terms direction. The video consists interviews with different kids who speak on various subjects, some them relating to 4:44 themes more than others. Some the kids speak on the world around them, whether it be about history, social injustices, art and more. 

This particular installment on his “Footnotes” series was directed by Daniel Newell Kaufman who previously directed the Bad Boy documentary as well as shooting videos for the likes Lil Yachty & Young Thug, as well as Pusha T as well. 

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In other 4:44 related news, the rapper recently caught flack from The Catholic League for his “Family Feud” video. They claimed Jay-Z’s video was “relentlessly racist” and “anti-black.” You could read more about that here.

Watch the “Footnotes: Kids” below TIDAL: