Jenna Oretga does not want to do the Wednesday dance in SNL promo

Jenna Ortega said that she doesn’t want to do the Wednesday dance in an SNL promo.

However, the Scream VI star’s reluctance to do the viral dance from the show was only part of a promo skit for the comedy show. Appearing alongside the Please Don’t Destroy crew, Ortega is seen raising her concerns about her and the crew doing the dance – before some hilarity ensues.

The skit (see below) was posted to the SNL YouTube on Wednesday (March 8), and begins with Ortega saying: “Honestly, this is really well-written, I just don’t feel like I want to do the Wednesday dance for promo because we’ve seen so much of that already and I think it’s time to do something new.”

Jenna Ortega has starred in 'You' and 'Wednesday'
Jenna Ortega pictured on the red carpet in 2023. CREDIT: Getty

Ortega is slightly stunned when see looks up to see the dance comedy crew all dressed in her now iconic Wednesday Addams gothicly frilled black gown. The three comics make a turn of saying they’re not disappointed but acting as if they are.

The clip then cuts to Ortega and the crew doing the dance – though the actor looks lees-than-impressed. It comes as Ortega prepares to host the next instalment of SNL. The actor follows on from Travis Kelce in the guest host spot, and will also star alongside musical guests, The 1975.

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Though Ortega is currently promoting the newest instalment in the Scream series, the actor’s time playing Wednesday Addams is still at the forefront of any conversation with her. A recent delve into her time as Wednesday saw the actor admit to becoming “almost unprofessional” while on set.

On the March 6 episode of the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard podcast, Ortega shared that she had gotten involved with the script’s writing while on set for the show, at times even butting heads with the script supervisor because she felt “very, very protective” of her character.