Joe Rogan enlisted Reggie Watts as a guest on his most recent podcast, the first since the protests really started to take off on Friday and over the weekend– thus his fanbase readily anticipating what the podcast behemoth might say on the turmoil across America right now, in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

For two and a half hours, Joe Rogan and Reggie Watts weave in and out of topics, with everything from the protests to politics to cars. As far as responses to George Floyd’s death and the protests around the nation, Rogan brings up the mysterious palettes bricks that have reportedly been popping around the States, questioning why in the world they’re there.

“Have you seen these bricks?” he asks Reggie. “These organized stacks of bricks? Who is putting that? Is it ANTIFA, is it the cops? Is it someone who wants them to throw bricks so they can impart Marshall Law? What is it? These are bricks that are appearing that don’t have a reason to be there.”

“And my left wing friends think it’s right wing people that are agent provocateurs that are trying to start this chaotic scene so that the military can be called in,” Rogan continued. “Agent provocateurs have been used since the beginning of time. Hitler did that […] Nero burned Rome.”

As far as Trump’s response to the protest, threatening Americans with the use of vicious dogs and ominous weapons, Rogan says:

“Trump talks about using dogs, using the most vicious dogs– it’s such a foolish way of communicating in times of crisis, and that’s what’s dangerous. Some people are really good in times of crisis, like Obama was very good in times of crisis. Even George W., George W. gave a speech after 9/11 that made everyone love him.” He added, “You don’t get that feeling with Trump at all.”

Joe Rogan Questions Organized Stacks Of Bricks & Agent Provocateurs Amid Protests

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“He’s just in his own feedback loop. Whatever he can do to make himself feel good, he’ll do it. He only understands caveman principles […] but he doesn’t believe in himself,” Reggie said in response.

Before the podcast wraps up, Rogan also points out what many have already pointed out social media, with a poignant side-by-side image of Colin Kaepernick kneeling as a form of protest, and Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck– killing him. 

“How ironic is it, that Colin Kaepernick took all this shit for kneeling at the Super Bowl, and this fucking guy kneels on this guy’s neck and proves the point – kills the guy, by doing the very thing that Colin Kaepernick was criticized for,” Rogan says.

“…Doing it to a Black guy and killing him. It’s kinda fucking crazy. It’s sort of symbolic about like, look, this is what they’re talking about. This is the thing, right here in front of your face.”

Check out the full episode with Reggie Watts below.