Joey Bada$$ Says He Inspired Kanye's "Real Friends," Reveals Countless Collabs

Joey Bada$$ drank a lot wine and shared a lot updates to fans on Instagram Live Saturday night. While watching music videos on a projector, the Brooklyn rapper shared some stories and answered some fan questions, including a particularly juicy anecdote about Kanye West.

“Kanye? I gotta email him again,” Joey said when asked by a fan about a potential collaboration between the two. At that point, he launched into a story about his first encounter with Ye where he learned he’d inspired him.

“I’ll tell y’all something very real about Kanye,” he began. “A drunk man tells no lies… I met Kanye for the first time at Coachella 2016.” According to Joey, Kanye asked him if he knew The Life Of Pablo song “Real Friends.” “I’m looking at this n***a like, ‘Yeah, I heard ‘Real Friends.’ Who the fuck ain’t heard ‘Real Friends?’ He was like, ‘You inspired me to make that song.’ … I couldn’t believe it. The only thing I was thinking in my head was, ‘N***a, why the fuck you ain’t put me on that shit then? I could use the clout, n***a, shit laughs] … Shoutout to Kanye though… I still don’t believe it to this day.”

That’s just one many pieces info we got out Joey during his over-40-minute stream. He also revealed he had heard a couple songs f the long-awaited J. Cole and Kendrick album, teased collaborations with Pusha T, Logic, Dave East, and Jorja Smith, and gave updates on various projects from Pro Era members. Read some the best quotes below, and watch the whole live session here while you still can.

“1999 coming to DSPs real soon. Chuck Strangers debut tape coming real soon. New Kirk Knight coming real soon. That Dessy Hinds just dropped yesterday. New PE tape coming real soon. 2018, year the Era.”

“Me and Jorja Smith got one already, it’s just not finished yet. Me, Jorja Smith and Little Simz.” 

“Me and Pusha T got a nasty one, I ain’t gon’ lie.”

“Me and Childish Gambino would be fire. I gotta start writing these down.”

“Me and Alchemist got mad joints together. I think we’re probably just gonna do a whole tape or some shit.”

“I’ve got music for the next five years. It’s really about how I’m gonna roll shit out.”

“Deadass, me and SZA is overdue. I’m not gonna lie, she played that shit that she got Kendrick on on the album. She played that for me first.”

“What if I told you me and Kendrick got a whole tape together? Nah, I’m kidding I’m lying… We should though! Not true though.”

“We’re still waiting on that J. Cole and Kendrick… I heard a record or two, fire!”

“Me and Chuck Strangers got damn near half a tape done.”

“Me and Dave East — we got one lined up.”

“I ain’t gonna lie, I wanna collab with my brodie Takef. Takef gonna take f this year. N***as sleep on Takef.”

“Me and Logic coming soon. You think we’re not gonna do music together? We went on a whole tour together.”

Joey recently revealed that he cowrote Post Malone’s Hot 100 No. 1 single “rockstar.” In 2016, he released his sophomore album ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$.