Just.InTime Hypes Up Listeners With Two New Singles “Owner” & “deadawayfromYOU”

Up-and-coming talent, Just.InTime, aka Just.InTime.1Kings turns his challenging life experiences into two incredible singles; “Owner” and “deadawayfromYOU.” Known for his versatility, the young rapper blends Hip Hop and Pop to deliver songs that reflect his personal thoughts and feelings.

Following the release of the 2022 album R.I.O.TJust.InTime continues to show the “world, one person at a time, that love does still exist.” With “Owner” and “deadawayfromYOU,” the Hip Hop artist urges everyone to “Love Strong” and stop doubting what “love” can accomplish with its power.

The promising songwriter has proved yet again that nobody can compete with his authentic storytelling. In “Owner” he sings: “You said that you would never go anywhere/ Even when I went and lost myself/ Even The prodigal son had better than me/ Someone to receive him with open arms/ Had no one kicking him when he down/ Oh no I am just blame-ing myself/ there I go again feeling my heart/ The pain believing it gets me through/ Lying to myself/ It was always you/ Show me how to die to myself/ I’m begging you.”

In “deadawayfromYOU,” he paints a perfect picture of his emotional struggle: “Where I got away too I thought I found my way/ Is the same location where I can barely catch my breath/ In my bed contemplating in my head/ What constantly be against me/ Revelations spoke its truth/ Those closest would turn against me/ Mad at myself because my heart can’t reciprocate/ I kid you not I prayed for a heart of evil/ But my heart was kind living for the devil.”

Sharing his own learning process through songs like “Owner” and “deadawayfromYOU,” Just.InTime, encourages people to look inward and find the solution to their problems within themselves. By initiating personal change, the rapper starts a movement that motivates others to rise to the challenge and become a bigger and better person. 

Listen to “Owner” and “deadawayfromYOU” here: