Kayzo Launches GoFundMe To Pay for Funeral of Mega-Fan's Sister

Kayzo felt the need to step in after a loyal fan recently tweeted out some sad news…

Zach (who by the way seems like a great guy considering his Twitter bio reads: WUBS & HUGS) revealed that his sister had passed away. And, in order to give her a proper burial he was willing to give up his extra rare and signed Kayzo shirt.

“Unfortunately my family is struggling to afford to give my sister the appropriate burial that she deserves, therefore I am willing to let go my signed t-shirt size medium. Can have it shipped in 3-5 days. Open to prices, anything helps at this point. Tysm.”

Kayzo saw the tweet and immediately took action…

“Woah woah no keep your shirt and I’ll dm you. We will find a way to give your sister the proper burial. Rest In Peace.”

Soon after the DJ/producer launched a page on behalf the fan’s sister. Thus far, the initiative has raised $4,470 the $7,500 goal. The very unfortunate situation does go to show Kayzo is just as loyal and supportive to his fans as they are to him.

RIP, Jamie. Donate .

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