Legendary Singer Larry D Releases New Catchy Tune “Just We”

One of r&b’s favorite artists, Larry D has been keeping it real with his amazing new release called “Just We.” Emotional yet romantic at the same time, the iconic artist delivers an outstanding composition that’s filled with soothing vocals, lovely sequences and positive melodies. 

The catchy single embodies how talented Larry D really is and his soaring voice adds on to that. An amazing feature, Jessica Ray manages to add her magical touches on the song, elevating it to another level. Packed with romantic lyrics and sensational performances, “Just We” takes any listener away and gives them a joyous feeling and a surreal listening experience.

The singer, producer, author and philanthropist, Dr. Larry Dodson Sr. is one of the most iconic musicians of these last five decades. Having sold millions of records over the years, Larry D is looking to introduce new audiences to his music with his all-new single called “Just We,” a beautifully composed track.

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