Lékan Tella Captures His Vulnerability When In-Love On Debut Release “Emptiness”

Nigerian-American emcee Lékan Tella’s newest and debut single release gets the sonic treatment that perfectly captures the vulnerability one finds themselves in when smitten by love. A vivid and graceful ode to love, “Emptiness” feels like the next beautiful thing we can latch on to get a sense of relief and aliveness during the global pandemic, even if it’s only for a short couple of minutes.  The purpose of his art is very clear to him: 

 “I don’t have a message. I see my music as documenting the full spectrum of what I know to be the human experience. In that spectrum, there is love, depression, joy, happiness, lust, desire, passion, truth, maturity, self-reflection, confusion, doubt, loneliness, unity, wholeness, and many other facets yet to be discovered”.

Backed by a production that mixes 80’s pop and 90’s R&B, Tella layers his surreal vocal deliveries, certainly this month’s discovery!