Lil Debbie Has Come Through To Flex On Em' With "Loaded"

Lil Debbie leaves the beaches and blunts behind on “Loaded.”

Lil Debbie has found her place in the game, as seen most recently on her new album In My Own Lane. Now, Debbie has expanded on her narrative with some theatrical visuals for “Loaded.” It doesn’t take long for Debbie to style on em with a g-string clad vixen in tow; in fact, the whole clip is highly NSFW, especially for those with bosses adverse to ass. 

Speaking to Complex, Debbie describes the visuals as “a light flex. They need to know even though I don’t show off. I got it and I’ve been had it, done it, and flipped it. Which is always why I will remain in my OWN lane.” Clearly, she feels strongly enough about the latter sentiment to make it the thematic cornerstone of her recent album. Either that, or she truly cherishes the wisdom of LaVar Ball.