Lil Kim Denies Eve's Account Of Their First Encounter

It was during a routine episode The Talk that rapper and host Eve revealed some details about her first meeting with Lil Kim. While the two women consider each other friends now, Eve described that in the beginnings her career, she approached the already established Kim to proposition her for a feature and was hit with what seemed to be a brush-f.

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When I first started in the business, I had been a big big giant fan Lil Kim,” Eve noted. “So, I would run up to her and be like, ‘Hey girl, I love you so much. I just got signed. Can you please be on my album?’”

Despite Kim’s perceived coldness, Eve found a silver lining in the encounter, “I don’t think that she hated me. I think that I was just so overexcited to see her.”

Lil Kim clearly caught wind the banter and responded to Eve’s account, revealing that there is no bad blood, but that she’d be more than open to discuss what she thinks really thinks happened.

“Why do you girls always do this to me? Trying to make me out to be the bad guy? I don’t remember it that way at all,” she wrote on Twitter.  “@TheRealEve is my girl that’s my baby y’all. We are not fighting. We are real friends. We can have this debate and still cuddle on the couch and watch a movie 2gether..”

“Oooohhh I can’t wait to have this debate on your show,” she quipped in another tweet.  “What is really in those cups that ya’ll be drinking?

At the end the day, there’s no beef to report, but The Talk should definitely consider hitting Kim’s line for that proposed appearance.

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