Lil Pump Disavows Xanax: "Fuck Xanax 2018"

Lil Pump has become one the posterchilds for Xanax, as an outspoken user the mind-muddling drug and thus, referencing it frequently in his music, even allowing the drug to mold, in a way, the “sound”  his music too. However, it’s “new year, new me,” and Pump is making a change for the better. Hopefully he’s not alone in this New Year’s resolution.

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Taking to Instagram to ring in the New Year last night, Lil Pump shared a video flexing his jewelry in the studio, and despite his eyelids looking low, his video caption tells another story. “2018 we going even more crazy love yall ???(btw I don’t take xanz no more fuck Xanax 2018),” he wrote. 

Xanax usage has been a hot topic when it comes to rap music in 2017 and we can likely expect it to stay in the conversation in 2018 too. The conversation really went mainstream after Lil Peep’s passing, with the young rapper overdosing from Xanax, and helping bringing to light just how serious the drug is.

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Take a look at Pump’s video post below. What’s your resolution for 2018?