Lil Uzi Vert Warns Artists Not To Sign To Rappers Or DJ's

After the release his highly anticipated debut album LUV Is Rage 2, we haven’t received much music from Lil Uzi Vert. He’s hinted at several projects but we’ve yet to receive any updates on it. Regardless, we know that Uzi’s in the studio, cookin’ up on the regular. But it seems like he’s been dealing with some issues with his label in the meanwhile.

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Earlier today, Lil Uzi Vert hit Twitter to warn up and coming artists signing to rappers or DJ’s. “And if y’all do sign … sign 2 a major Dont sign 2 a rapper or a Dj ……..Its Just Easier When The Time Come For That Fake Shit,” he wrote. Uzi’s currently signed to DJ Drama’s Generation Now label so by connecting the dots, you could only assume that he’s likely throwing some shade at DJ Drama. 

Yesterday, the rapper went on a bit a Twitter rant about dealing with “fake people.” The rapper suggested that if anyone is surrounded by people who haven’t came up with them in the mud, cut them out. At the time tweeting that, what he was referring to was vague but his most recent tweet suggests that it’s due to his relationship with his label. 

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While it may seem like a stretch, he also tweeted about his regrets signing to a label in December. “We all make mistakes 2 get better ….. I should have never signed but I finna turn all this shit upside down know the way it suppose to be,” he tweeted in reply to a fan who said that he doesn’t drop music as consistently as before because he’s mainstream and the label doesn’t allow him to do that.