Lil Xan Goes Through The Motions In "Slope" Visuals

Lil Xan, we hardly knew ye.

Lil Xan has been doing himself no favors. Where breakout single “Betrayed” discovered the rapper, on the very least, using a serviceable stream. Now, it appears as if he is merely going by means of the motions, no matter stated motions could also be. On one hand, the rapper is considerably of a tragic determine, having been deemed hip-hop’s public enemy by means of a damn-near-unanimous vote. Yet Xan’s “Slope” finds the rapper reaching new lows.

It’s clear he is not even making an attempt at this level, merely hoping to capitalize off his identify. The video follows go well with, exhibiting little to no innovation, counting on lo-fi digital camera tips to cover the blemishes. The track finds Xan repeating a mush-mouthed chorus of “fuhdaho,” coming to epitomize the oft-misused time period “mumble rap.” The man is actually mumbling; it is the “rapping” that continues to be debatable on this context. Lil Xan, please do higher. At the very least, respect your craft, and really put within the effort.