Lil Yachty Gifted Quavo $27K For His 27th Birthday

Oh, the joys making millions dollars every year… Quavo the Migos spent his birthday in extraordinary fashion as he hosted a celebrity flag football game as part Huncho Day. Additionally, the rapper pulled up to the club on a camel instead the luxurious whips we’re used to seeing him drive around. Coach K and Quality Control gifted Quavo with a new Lamborghini yesterday, which didn’t end up being the only extravagant present he ended up receiving. 

At a chill-looking gettogether with Lil Yachty, Trippie Redd, and others, Migos’ labelmate Yachty opened up his backpack and pulled out 27 racks for Quavo’s 27 years. While $27K is enough for most people to cop a car (or, like a door from his new Lambo,) it’s unlikely that Quavo will settle for a Toyota Hybrid anytime soon. Boat claims that he wasn’t given much notice on what the Migos member wanted for celebrating 27 years life so he settled for cash, adding, “I got you 27 racks for my n—a. Spend it how you want.” 

The two will be collaborating on the upcoming Glacier Boyz project alongside Gucci Mane and the remainder the Migos, which is set to release next week. Yachty can come to any our parties if it means getting generous amounts cash out it. Hell, we would be okay just chopping it up about how cold Minnesota can get with him. Check out the charitable act below.