Listen to Girli’s emotive new song ‘More Than A Friend’

Girli has released an emotive new song called ‘More Than A Friend’ – you can listen to it below.

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The track, which was released yesterday (May 28), follows the story of a character who falls for her friend but the feelings aren’t reciprocated.

Speaking about the song, Girli – aka Milly Toomey – said the single was autobiographical. “I wrote this song about crushing hard on a girl who didn’t want me back,” she explains.


“It’s about the sexual frustration of wanting someone so bad but knowing they just don’t like you like that.”

You can listen to the new track here:

Girli added: “Falling for your friend can happen to anyone, but I think it’s a feeling that is particularly poignant to queer people.

“…Falling for a friend who perhaps isn’t the same sexual orientation as you and not being able to express those feelings for fear of being judged or losing that friendship. It’s sticky.”

Earlier this year, Girli released a new EP, ‘Ex Talk’, the follow-up to her debut album ‘Odd One Out’ which arrived in 2019.


Speaking about the reaction to the album from her fans at the time, Girli told NME: “It was great. My fans all loved it, and I think I made a lot of new fans, which was cool. And it was crazy – we played a show the day the album came out, and people in the crowd already knew the lyrics. The whole crowd knew lyrics to songs that had come out that day!”

Speaking about her personal lyrics and how they relate to fans, she added: “I’ll get DMs and YouTube comments where people really open up and get personal and it’s kind of amazing.

“It actually reminds me constantly of the responsibility that I have with the kind of people who listen to my music who are very young and are probably going through a lot, so they’re listening to this music and sometimes I’ll get messages saying my song has changed someone’s life, and that’s really overwhelming, but in an amazing way.”

Girli will play Bush Hall in London on July 9 as part of the venue’s 20th anniversary celebrations.