Listen to Kim Petras’ new Halloween track ‘Party Till I Die’

Kim Petras has shared a new Halloween track called ‘Party Till I Die’ – scroll down the page to listen to it now.

The German pop star has released music themed for the October holiday since 2018, when she shared the EP ‘Turn Off The Light, Vol. 1’. She followed it up with a full-length album a year later, which brought together the EP with a handful of new songs.

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Now, Petras has shared a new Halloween track in ‘Party Till I Die’ and announced ‘Turn Off The Light Vol. 3’. On the synth-pop track, she sings: “Only time I come alive/Is in the middle of the night/Looking for another high/Don’t care if it’s killing me.”


In an Instagram Live broadcast yesterday (October 22), the singer asked fans to consider the track ‘Turn Off The Light Vol 2.1’ “because we’ve decided to drop ‘Turn Off The Light 3’ – the final chapter of the trilogy – next year when I can perform it live”.


She continued to say she couldn’t release it if she “can’t perform it live for you guys immediately”. “It needs to be fresh, there’s a bunch of stuff I want to do to make it a really epic thing. I know you guys are really all starving for the final chapter, and me too,” she said.

“Like, I had it planned. But you know, this year has been crazy, but I still decided to give you guys one song so you’re not starving.”


Listen to ‘Party Till I Die’ above now.

Meanwhile, the star released a new track called ‘Malibu’ in May, which she described as “a return to colour, the feeling of being in love, and the escapism pop that I love the most”.