Listen to unreleased Prince song “Hot Summer” from Welcome 2 America

Another unreleased track from Prince’s forthcoming ‘lost’ album Welcome 2 America has been shared – listen to “Hot Summer” below.

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Recorded in 2010, the album was due to be released the following year alongside the legend’s US tour of the same name, which went ahead even without the album.

After sitting in a vault for a decade, Welcome 2 America is now set to finally be released on July 30 via Legacy Recordings.


So far, the album’s title track has been shared alongside another track called “Born 2 Die”, and “Hot Summer” arrives alongside the first episode of a new season of the official Prince podcast, all about Welcome 2 America.

Listen to “Hot Summer” below:

On the new podcast episode, Elisa Fiorillo – a singer who was involved in the Welcome 2 America sessions – detailed how Prince took the album’s contributors out for a drive while playing “Hot Summer”.

“All those people were outside and I’m thinking it’s broad daylight, they’re gonna see him. But we didn’t care,” Fiorillo said. “We had the windows rolled down and we were playing ‘Hot Summer’. There’s nothing like driving in a car and listening to music and I think he agreed.

“It makes me think we’re all at the beach doing the twist, like Annette Funicello,” Shelby J. added. “That’s just what I feel when I hear that song. So I say it’s going be a Hot Purple Summer!”


Listen to the new episode below:

Welcome 2 America discusses race relations, political division and social justice, with Prince saying of the album in 2010: “The world is fraught with misin4mation. George Orwell’s vision of the future is here. We need 2 remain steadfast in faith in the trying times ahead.”