Little Simz teases new video shot in the National History Museum

Little Simz appears to be releasing a new video shot at London’s National History Museum this month.

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As teased on Twitter, Simz appears in the museum’s iconic concourse, with a dinosaur skeleton suspended from the roof, alongside a host of dancers.

“end of the month , let everybody know,” she captioned the post. See it below.


The video is likely to be for a song from Simz’s 2020 EP ‘Drop 6’, which was recorded in COVID-19 quarantine.

Announcing the new record Simz shared a lengthy statement on the process of making it, and of her experiences in quarantine, saying: “I don’t mind being alone. I quite enjoy my own company actually. However choosing to be alone is different from being forced to be alone and that’s where the difficulty comes in.

“You’re stuck with yourself, 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week. There are only so many naps I can take in a day. So this is what happens when the world stops.”

NME named ‘Drop 6’ as one of the best lockdown albums released so far during the coronavirus pandemic, saying that the release “summed up those early days of lockdown when we all felt emptier than our calendars.”


It added: “Simz sets out ‘Drop 6”s time-capsule MO on opening track ‘might bang, might not’ when she announces ‘This is for the now’, and it boasts a freewheeling, rough’n’ready experimental energy that comes from this all-bets-are-off-period. “Crabs in a barrel – we’re all in this,” she spits on the raw-as-a-bruise ‘you should call mum’, as she talks poignantly of sleepless nights and nap-filled days.”