Logan Paul Receives Backlash Over Graphic Video Of Dead Body

The blonde-haired, blue eyed YouTube star Logan Paul may be able to win over the hearts tweens worldwide, but he’s certainly lacking in other departments – chiefly, foresight. The controversial vlogger  has kicked f his 2018 on a rocky note, posting a video that many more hyperbolic fans are already calling “career-ending.” In fact, there may be some truth to that, as his latest upload deals with a highly sensitive subject, as the success Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” can attest.

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In case you missed it, Paul and some his crew were spending some time in Japan, filming a video exploring the base Mount Fiji. However, they decided to take a foray into the so-called “suicide forest,” which earned its macabre name over the high frequency suicides that occur there. However, Paul’s adventure takes a Blair Witch-esque turn, as he and his crew stumble upon an actual dead body hanging from a noose. TMZ has shared the highly graphic video, which shows Logan Paul reacting to the discovery with horror, shock, and even a bit unfortunate dark humor.

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Naturally, the clip went viral, as Paul’s subscriber base is well over fifteen million. Suffice it to say, the world-at-large was not pleased with Paul’s antics, and many were quick to tear into the young vlogger. Breaking Bad’s Aron Paul called him “pure trash, plain and simple,” while Piers Morgan opted for “sick, twisted, heartless little prick.” Logan Paul ultimately issued an apology explaining his actions, which is still in the process being digested.