Lux Beauregard’s New Hit Single “Fireworks” Dazzles Fans

The première release from skilled singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard titled “Fireworks” is a heartfelt rollercoaster that we did not know we needed. The song boasts a melodic flow that unlocks a chain of emotions. 

The artist skillfully unfastens a passionate series of distinct feelings and meets them as her reality, as an attempt to come to terms with it. Through her song, she provides the audience with a melodic tune to unleash their obstacles and do the same.“Fireworks” is a sonically sophisticated musical experience effortlessly showcasing human nature attempting to be in touch with their inner world.

The lyrics traverse the actuality full of vibrations, embodied sensations, and a human trying to operate within them at the core of it all. The song is viewed as the perfect hymn for 2020. The artist declared that this past year had a tremendous impact on the making of the song. Lux made sure that no one is alone on the boat with her hit new single.

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