Malaysian pop singer Charmaine Koh Unveils “Bonfire”, another reveal off upcoming debut EP Sunflower at Sundown

Malaysian pop singer Charmaine Koh has been making all the right moves and just unveiled “Bonfire,” the first reveal of her upcoming debut EP Sunflower at Sundown. This ever-soft and groovy track offers fans a sumptuous creation by the gorgeous Charmaine who deploys her vivid artistry and limitless imagination in a new light. Soft yet powerful, “Bonfire” subtly merges pop and R&B the Charmaine Koh way. 

Charmaine Koh has been on the high rise lately, garnering hundreds of thousands of plays on most major streaming platforms with her previously released singles including “Pause” and “Why Don’t You Live.” 

Charmaine Koh launched her career by participating in theater shows and singing competitions. She represented her country in the 20th World Championships of Performing Arts in 2016 at the age of 12. Winning ‘World Champion’ in two categories, as well as three gold medals, one silver, and one bronze, caught the curiosity of record labels. This led to her debut track, “Ordinary Girl,” which had over 160K streams and ascended the Hitz Fm’s MET10 Chart in July 2018.

Her upcoming debut EP Sunflower At Sundown is set to drop this summer, and until then, make sure to play “Bonfire” on repeat for the smoothest of listening experiences!

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