Mamby on the Beach Takes a Big Step Forward with the Expansion of their More than Music Program

Mamby on the Beach has always been about pushing the limits in what we know about a festival. It has continuously focused it’s efforts on not only providing an event that is musically fulfilling but also one that fulfills the body and mind.

Last year attendee’s got to see a major expansion to their More than Music program and it seems that in 2018 they have ramped that up even more, who knew it could get any better?

While there are plenty of amazing things that are returning it is the new additions that have us excited. Fans will be able to get a real birds-eye-view of the fest as well as a shot of the amazing Chicago skyline from the Ferris Wheel that will now present on the grounds. However, if heights aren’t really your thing than don’t worry, you can stay calm and grounded inside of the Vibrant Dome where gong baths will be cleansing people all day long. If that isn’t quite your thing either than there is another dome that may be a bit more fitting… the Doggie Dome! This year Mamby has partnered with One Tail at a Time (OTAT), a no kill, all-breed dog rescue here in Chicago. You will have the chance to pet and play with a whole variety of dogs and even apply to take one of them home! What better way to spend your weekend than listening to amazing music and giving a home to your new best friend?

Playing with some pups can get a little messy, they may even knock your “do” out of place but have no fear, the Gentlemen’s 312 Barber Lounge will get you looking right again. Here you’ll be able to get a fresh cut and shave to have you looking tip-top after you’ve been rolling around in the sand for too long. The best part though? It’s totally free, just a simple smile and a thank you is the only payment you’ll have to fork over.

With every new addition comes a little doubt, a little worry… that’s probably why Mamby felt the need to offer an Advice Booth. It’s a great idea too because who else is going to be honest enough to tell you if that new fade you just got from the Barber Lounge looks good? The Advice Booth presented by Mumbo Jumbo – staffed entirely of comedians – will be your on-stop shop to tell you God’s honest truth and maybe even a useful suggestion or two!

All of that would enough to satiate anyone’s needs on just about anything but I hope you haven’t forgotten, all of that was just the NEW additions to the More Than Music program! All the fan favorites that you loved last year are making their return. You can once again fit in a little exercise with some beach volleyball, yoga, or the water ballon fight! You can spruce your festival look up with some killer braids and henna tattoos as well – not everyone needs a fresh haircut. Getting in touch with yourself and the universe is finally within arms reach again with the return of tarot card and palm readings, and the wellness workshops!

This may seem overwhelming, especially when you think of the fact that all of this is going on and you still have the whole musical part of the festival to experience too! Hopefully you’ll be able to find the perfect balance between a little grooving, a little moving, and a whole lot of fun. To help plan our your Mamby the right way we have included both the schedule of these events and the map below!

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Mamby on the Beach Takes a Big Step Forward with the Expansion of their More than Music Program

Mamby on the Beach Takes a Big Step Forward with the Expansion of their More than Music Program