Man Of The Moment, Statik G Inspires The Crowds With “Bad MFs Only” 

Through sophisticated verse structures and a raw tone, American hip hop artist Statik G has been inspiring the crowds, and continues to do so with the drop of his new music video “Bad MFs Only.” 

One of the tracks listed on the collection of 19 tracks dropped recently and titled Gene Therapy – Final Chapter, “Bad MFs Only” is a true reflection of the rapper’s mindset and desire to share things the way they are with his following. Never injecting any superficiality in his art, Statik G leads the way in representing the new generation of artists who are against compromising the truth for a speedier success. In reality, this might very well prove to be the most ideal way to build a lasting fan base as opposed to temporary successes common nowadays. 

Real pain and real hustle, whether Statik G talks about women, guns or drugs, is what listeners will get when streaming the artist’s repertoire, an inside story of how things really happen, as Statik G went through all these different struggles during his life. Inspiring stuff!

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