Marshmello Takes A Crack At Country with New Collab featuring Kane Brown

Marshmello and Kane Brown make for the most unexpected collaboration of the day. The producer has gone country and embraces it with “One Thing Right.”

The two don’t make for a bad combination by any means, but the song plays it painfully safe. “One Thing Right” has all the usual suspects of a country song — lying, cheating, and a bad boy finding a good country girl. An EDM composition tuned to the cookie cutter expectations of modern country.

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They did get one thing right, because despite the predictable nature, it’s catchy AF. Brown nails his performance and Mello’s timing is on point. They know their audience and there’s no doubt, the song will be blasting out on country radio in no time.

Marshmello continues to prove he can produce anything and work with pretty much anyone. Teaming up with Brown on this country single is yet another notch on his star-studded belt.

“One Thing Right” is here — take it or leave it. We’re curious to hear your thoughts on this one.

Marshmello – “One Thing Right’ feat. Kane Brown