Martin Garrix Publicly Breaks Up with Super Model Girlfriend

Martin Garrix and his girlfriend Charelle Schriek have been dating for around three years, but the two just posted matching stories on Instagram confirming they have broken up.

Neither of them made their relationship very public apart from a few select occasions. It’s particularly odd that they’ve chosen to make their breakup public in this way, but it’s not a bad idea to get ahead of any rumors that fans might concoct and set the record straight.

In their matching statements, the two wrote:

“I’m sad to share that Charelle/Martijn and I are not together anymore. We love each other very much, but due to our hectic schedules, we have decided to go separate ways. Love means also wanting the best for the person you love, and right now that is spending some time apart. We have had an amazing 3 years together and cherish all the beautiful memories we share. Please for now respect our privacy.”

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