Meek Mill's Judge Genece Brinkley Defends Her Unwavering Stance

This is starting to feel like a season spanning story-arc in the longstanding Dick Wolf Hit “Law And Order.” In the wake an unearthed police corruption scandal, the community waited with bated breath to see if Meek Mill would be sprung from his incarceration; after all, his arresting ficer Reginald Graham was among those revealed to be corrupt. While you’d think that might have some effect on the proceedings, it would appear the notorious Judge Genece Brinkley remains steadfast in her decision to keep Meek locked behind bars. Despite the evolving nature the case, Brinkley recently revealed that she had no intention allowing Meek to be released on bail. 

At the time, Meek’s lawyer Joe Tacopina spoke out against Brinkley’s decision, stating “”The judge continues to stand alone in supporting Officer Reginald Graham’s perjured testimony as well as his criminal behavior that has been documented.” Today, TMZ has reported that Brinkley has filed documents defending her decision. Like many authority figures before her, Brinkley has wasted little time in citing a deadline; apparently, in order for Meek’s request to hold any weight, it would have had to have been filed a year after his 2009 sentence was finalized. 

As previously reported, much Meek’s bail request was centered around the corruption ficer Graham, but Brinkley has once again called bullshit on Meek’s team. She claims all the documents were available long before their public unearthing, and the onus to expose the corrupt cops fell squarely on Meek’s team. She reiterates that Meek has repeatedly pressed his guilt to his original drug and gun charges, and is not entitled to be released simply because others have reaped the benefits the corruption scandal. 

Naturally, the curious case Meek Mill and Judge Genece Brinkley will continue to develop. In the mean time, it’s Free Meek as usual.