Meet Danielle Herrington, The Third Black Woman To Cover Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue

Sports Illustrated revealed their 2018 Swimsuit Issue on Tuesday, February 13, and let’s just say they got it right.

Compton’s is not only the third black woman (after and ) to grace the cover the highly coveted issue, it’s her first-ever cover period. More photos below, plus a little background on Ms. Herrington.

While Herrington is currently based in Bushwick, as previously mentioned, the beauty is from Compton, California. She tells her upbringing was “pretty normal.” “A lot the time after school, we would go to my grandma’s house because my parents were working. We would swim, ride our bikes down the street, we had a trampoline, scooters, everything! I went to a private school so I guess I got away from the bad action,” she adds.

Herrington’s first big photo shoot was for last year’s SI Swimsuit issue, but as part the Rookie class.

Shooting for Sports Illustrated made her feel really nervous. She tells Fox News, “It took place in Fiji and I was really nervous. You know how you’re so nervous your knees shake? That was me. SI was my first big job modeling so I definitely felt the pressure within me… But the morning the shoot, I woke up around 4 a.m. and I just couldn’t eat. I remember just having a little cfee. I was too nervous to eat… We then took a boat to a small island, which is where they shot ‘Castaway.’ And honestly, once we started, I felt so comfortable, super confident and sexy. We got some good shots out it.”

She’s all about celebrating different body types. She tells the site, “Not everyone is the same size. Not everyone is super skinny and not everyone is plus size. And we need to celebrate all that, including the in-between. We should cater to everyone. A young girl can flip through the magazine now and say, ‘Oh, that’s like me!’ They can relate, which I think is really important. And I love that.”

This happened. Head over to Herrington’s IG for more.